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Marala Scott, Ghostwriter, motivational speaker


Seraph Books

154 pages

ISBN: 978-1941711132

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Mortgage Secrets, Strategies, & Warnings provides readers with inside information on how to save thousands of dollars when obtaining a home mortgage. Knowledge is powerful when negotiating a mortgage and making financial decisions as well as having trust and transparency with your originator. Don't make a decision this big without understanding the following:


Underwriting Standards

Additional Mortgage Options

Fundamentals to Borrowing Money

Strategies to Negotiating a Great Mortgage

How the Mortgage Application Process Works

Your Credit Report and How to Improve Your Score

Secrets Lenders and Loan Officers Don’t Want You to Know

Warnings: Avoid Surprises and be Prepared for What Can go Wrong


After reading this book, you will have the knowledge to save time, money, and avoid stressful situations when you apply for a mortgage. You will be able to utilize the fundamentals in this book throughout your lifetime whenever you decide to borrow money.

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