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Marala Scott, Ghostwriter, motivational speaker


Seraph Books

298 pages

ISBN: 978-1938582981

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THIS CHILLING TRUE STORY of a successful family reveals the hidden reality behind appearances. Colin is a brilliant, handsome, and charming man to the outside world, recruited by both the CIA and IBM. With all his success, the perception was that he had it all. Instead the reality was a hellish nightmare of verbal and atrocious physical abuse for Alley, his beautiful wife, and their six children. Alley feels helpless to protect her children from Colin's constant attacks when three mysterious women visit her and promise that he will never hurt them again -- if she gives them what they want. For the sake of the children, she agrees. The women work their evil with her family and Alley gains immense power against Colin but finds herself in a horror-filled battle with Colin's insatiable appetite for abuse. Who will win, and what happens to the children?

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