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Marala Scott, black ghostwriter, celebrity ghostwriter

 About Marala Scott     

Marala Scott, a celebrity ghostwriter and acclaimed author of over 50 books, wields her pen to deliver profound insights in titles like "With Gratitude," where her evocative poetry and prose resonate deeply. Her work, "Passion Inspires Greatness," further showcases her unwavering faith, fortitude, and comprehension of life. Marala's literary prowess caught the attention of the iconic Oprah Winfrey, who in 2009 heralded her as an Ambassador of Hope. Winfrey lauded Marala's resilience, saying, "A childhood of abuse almost kept Marala Scott from a life of happiness…until she discovered how to use her story [In Our House] to help others."


At the helm of Seraph Books, LLC, its founder and CEO, Marala Scott, spearheads a cadre of ghostwriters. These adept scribes specialize in non-fiction genres, notably memoirs, business literature, and works centered around cultural and diverse themes.

In a remarkable collaboration, Marala teams up with her multi-talented daughter, Alyssa Curry—a celebrated novelist, esteemed book cover designer, and astute relationship therapist who has consulted on many books. Together, they form a dynamic mother-daughter powerhouse. 


Beyond her eloquent words lies Marala's indomitable spirit that leaves an everlasting imprint on her audience. She urges her clients and audience to chase their aspirations and attain exceptional feats. For a deeper dive into Marala's universe and her coveted speaking engagements, click here.


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A Few of Marala's Books and Projects:



marala scott, black ghostwriter, celebrity ghostwriter


If you want expertise to guide you through your publishing project, work with Marala Scott.

marala scott, black ghostwriter, celebrity ghostwriter


If you are ready to share your story but don't know how, hire Marala Scott as your ghostwriter. 

marala scott, black ghostwriter, celebrity ghostwriter


If you are in need of a dynamic keynote speaker that will captivate and move your audience to seek results, book Marala Scott.

marala scott, black ghostwriter, celebrity ghostwriter

Mindset Coaching

There may be times when your vision isn't big enough or you need to overcome adversity to accomplish your goals. Marala Scott can help!


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