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If you are looking for an inspirational speaker or a great book to motivate your team, read Passion Inspires Greatness: A Journey with Purpose and book Marala for a speaking engagement!

I speak to inspire! I want to share important lessons with you that I've learned throughout my life so you can progress into a healthier and happier you! –Marala Scott 

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Marala Scott’s Passion Inspires Greatness Speaking Events

Marala provides an inspirational approach to teach you how to use your passion to invest in your future. It will help you understand the benefits of constructing a solid foundation. Speaking topics include:

•  Overcoming Adversity

•  A Strong Work Ethic

•  Passion

•  Confidence

•  Building a Strong Foundation for Success

•  Character

•  Discipline

•  Mental Toughness

•  A Positive Attitude

•  Faith


That foundation will provide what is necessary to overcome the certainty of adversity and encourage you to evaluate yourself, establish better habits, remove negative influences, and make goal-oriented decisions. Passion is something you can feel greater than anything else, which is why it can inspire you to achieve greatness and take a journey with purpose