Ghostwriting Services

Do you need a ghostwriter because you have an idea for a book but don’t have time to write it?

Do you want to change lives by sharing your inspirational story?

Would you like to become a leading expert in your field?



Our ghostwriting services are led by Multi Award-winning Author and Oprah’s

Ambassador of Hope, Marala Scott. Our writers specialize in inspirational

memoirs, novels, autobiographies and more.


Not only does Marala Scott work with celebrities, athletes and entertainers, she works with passionate individuals that want to impact lives. They aspire to help others overcome adversity, learn how to build a successful business, or become inspired to be their best. Marala's clients are unique because they know what their destiny is and are excited to share what they have been blessed to learn.

Marala says, "I love what I do as it allows me to help my clients share an incredible layer of their life with the world. In the process they experience something remarkable because working with me is more than ... writing. I get to know my clients from the depths of their soul so that I can better understand and communicate their story from their lens and with their emotions, not mine."


The Process

Writing a book is an extraordinary process as it allows you to share your life and inspire your audience. You will connect with people on some level or help others avoid some of the many obstacles life has. Regardless of your reason, it allows you to open the door to your life and in return, it can offer a therapeutic release for you.

Marala's process for ghostwriting invites creativity, truth, faith, and passion as it begins in a cabin nestled on a lake, in Ohio, where clients can bare their soul without judgement or interruption. From there, their journey to produce a legacy begins.


Marala Scott makes the process of ghostwriting your story exciting and seamless! She takes your ideas and makes your manuscript a reality.


If you have a story to motivate and inspire others and want it told with passion, truth and imagery, contact Marala Scott for a quote.