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Mark Pattison Interviews Marala Scott

Copy Of -Marala Scott on What Matters Most with Paul Samuel Dolman

Marala Scott: Inspiring Thousands

Marala Scott wins The Shorty Awards for Best Parent

Marala Scott's Interview After Winning The Shorty Awards for Best Parent

Oprah Winfrey’s "Ambassador of Hope" Speaks at Event for Abused Children

Oprah's Ambassador Of Hope and Author, Marala Scott, on The Chicago Tribune

Marala Scott on Emotional Mojo from WE TV

Marala Scott, Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope, Visits The Daily Buzz!

Women's Elevation Magazine

Temple Hayes Interviews Marala Scott and Alyssa Curry About Intuition

Trust Your Journey with Authors, Marala Scott & Alyssa Curry

Marala Scott Talks About Intuition

Contagious Optimism Radio with Sunny Chayes: Guests, Marala Scott & Alyssa Curry

Wes Hall Talks with Marala Scott

Marala Scott is on Terry Jaymes Alive Radio Show

January Jones Sharing Marala Scott's Success Story

Marala Scott and Alyssa Curry Talk About Their Novel, Intuition, on the Janet Love Show

Acclaimed author MARALA SCOTT on "Connie Martinson Talks Books"

Read Marala Scott's Articles in Inspiyr Magazine

Listen to Marala on To The Stars Through Adversity

Listen to Marala Scott's Interview on Mancow

Listen to Marala Scott and Alyssa Curry on Chattin In Manhattan

Real Love Show with Patricia Benjamin - Marala Scott -a Real "Heart to Heart"


Marala Scott on Bad To The Bone


Real Love Show with Patricia Benjamin - Marala Scott: In Our House: Perception vs Reality


Marala Scott on LA Talk Radio

Reeling Back the Years: Award Winning Author Marala Scott Reclaims Life and Hope

Kim Ward Interviews Marala Scott on In Our House and Surrounded by Inspiration




WVON Radio


Marala Scott on Laugh It Off with Craig Shoemaker


10 Ways to Recharge Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Making Life Easy with Gwen Gistarb with Guest Marala Scott

You Hold Yourself Hostage If You Forgive Not

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