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Marala Scott, Ghostwriter, motivational speaker
Marala Scott, Ghostwriter, motivational speaker


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Intuition is a timeless novel wrapped in a romantic psychological thriller, inspired by true events. It will captivate you all the way to its spellbinding conclusion. Marala Scott, Author and Motivational Speaker, is sharing her most powerful message at a major speaking event when she is kidnapped. Her daughter, Alyssa must now follow her intuition to save her mother’s life, while placing her own life in jeopardy. Marala is faced with an incredible test of faith to see if she will follow her intuition or do what she believes will protect her daughter and survive an unknown killer. Filled with many twists and clues, the reader is challenged to trust their own intuition to solve the mystery. More importantly, there’s a profound meaning and life lesson in Intuition that will encourage you to change your life!

Seraph Books

312 pages

ISBN: 978-0991176045